About ‘MAATI School’

Welcome to Maati School, the best school in Neemuch, offering exceptional preschool and primary school education for children. We understand the importance of early childhood education and child development, and thus offer Montessori education, play-based learning, inquiry-based learning, and individualized learning to provide a well-rounded education.
We prioritize student safety and maintain a safe and secure learning environment. Our school curriculum is carefully designed to meet the needs of our students, and our modern school facilities enhance their learning experience. We encourage parent involvement and believe in transparency in our communication with parents.
Our commitment to excellence is evident in the many positive reviews we have received on Google and Facebook. Satisfied parents have consistently given us 5-star ratings, and many reviewers have labelled us as the "best school in Neemuch."
We are dedicated to innovative teaching techniques and maintain a high student-teacher ratio of 22 students in a class with 2 teachers. This allows us to provide individual attention to each student and ensure that they reach their full potential.
As the first school in the region to offer live camera access, parents can watch their children in real-time and be reassured of their safety. Maati School has been brought to you by the joint efforts of Dashpur Express newspaper and STI Education Centre. We offer two types of schools, Maati Preschool and Maati Public School, to cater to the diverse needs of our students.
Enrol your child at Maati School today and give them the gift of the best education and learning experience in Neemuch…


Dashpur Express is the most renowned and popular Hindi daily newspaper of Neemuch district. It is also the most circulated and the oldest of the lot. Dashpur Express after its inception in 1984 has been successfully carrying the responsibility of sharing news and information with the people of Neemuch and nearby areas for more than 34 years. Dashpur Express has become synonymous with Impartiality, Reliability, and Accuracy.


STI is one the leading IT Solution Provider Institute of Neemuch district. Since its inception in 2001, STI has delivered an excellent quality of education to thousands of students. It is also a leading Information and Communication centre of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic Vishwavidhyalaya Distance Education, Jabalpur. STI is known for providing a quality education in affordable fees and in the latest technological environment.


A preschool is an educational establishment or learning space offering early childhood education to children between the ages of two and five, prior to the commencement of compulsory education at primary school.

Meet Our Founder

Anu Aditya Sethiya
Educationist, Specialist in Painting,Drama,How to Teach Director STI Education Center

A young and dynamic personality having different thoughts of looking the world and a dedication to stapes towards perfection in each step of life. He possesses lots of qualities such as critical thinker, thoughts of socialism, painting and playing Chess. He is State level player of Chess and a very good painter which can draw his imagination on the paper which have lots of social values. He is one of the followers of thoughts “to be a good speaker you should be a good listener.” He has clam and good analyst of critical situations and having lots of ways to solve the problems. He believes to establish his own milestone and way of progress. He believes is own path not to follow any one. A major problem of this man is “Perfection” he is crazy for perfection in each small things and work. But this will encourage him towards batter then the best.

Meet Our Co-Founder

Kavindra Goyal
Journalist, Specialist in Marketing & Management Managing Director Dashpur Express

He is well known name of print media in district. Very hard working and dedicated to the work. He is also supportive for social causes and possesses different thinking in many areas of eco-social-political matters. He takes all the decision after going to neutral set up of mind. He is managing Director of well known news paper named “Dashpur Express” which is started by his father Shri “R.V. Goyal” after completing his Graduation Kavindra goyal joined news paper at the below level and slowly slowly he shows his skills and get the managing director position in News Paper. Despite of son of Promoter of News Paper he choose to learn the work from bottom of the line and after getting all the experience now he joined as Managing Director and after getting the post he take the news papers on new heights which shows his hard working and dedication.

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