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MAATI offers four types of learning rooms for children which would give them an opportunity to experience, learn and execute various things in different ways.

1) FUN ROOM – This room would be filled with lots of toys, puppets, games etc. The colourful atmosphere of this room would not only engage children with the above mentioned props but would help them to develop their cognitive skills related to colours, animals and other things.

2) ARTS & CRAFTS ROOM – This room would provide children an opportunity to show their creativity through various activities related to arts & crafts. Just imagine a child holding a pencil in her/his hands and surprises us by what comes out of it. This room would help children to develop their creative and logical faculty.

3) MONTESSORI ROOM – The Montessori method of education, developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, is a child centered educational approach. It is based on scientific observations of children from birth to adulthood. It is a time tested, with over 100 year of success in diverse cultures throughout the world. This model has two principles -:
a) Children engage in psychological self construction by means of interaction with their environment.
b) Children especially under the age of five, have an innate path of psychological development.
Keeping these observations as the base, we at MAATI helps your children to be well taken care of by well trained Montessori teachers. In this room we would offer packaged sets of practical life, sensorial and language related activities. This would help in the development of physical, social and cognitive skills of your children.

4) DIGITAL STUDY ROOM – We all are living in a digitalized world. Gadgets and machines have now become a part and parcel of our lives. Children as they born and grow are now exposed to various kind of technological innovations which once were like a dream for us. We cannot imagine life without these gadgets and machines anymore. Keeping this view in mind and observing an inclination of young children towards technology, we through this room would expose your children to DIGITAL CLASSROOM, which is the mode of future learning. Besides, the visual experience not only speeds up the learning process but also makes learning interactive and entertaining. Needless to mention that visual aid increases the retention power of a child.

At MAATI, through these four rooms we would ensure that your children get an atmosphere and environment of overall growth and development. Activities in one room would be connected to the activity in the next room so that children get proper understanding of the subject matter and build a strong concept of the same.

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