MaatiPS Movie Theatre: Nurturing Critical Thinking and Values through Ethical Stories and Movies

At MaatiPS, we believe that watching moral stories and kid's movies on ethics is an important part of a child's development. That's why we have a dedicated movie theatre where we show daily one story on rich Indian culture and tradition and Saturday a movie made for kids.
Moral stories and kid's movies on ethics can offer a wide range of benefits for children, including:
Development of critical thinking skills: By watching movies and stories that highlight moral dilemmas, children can learn to analyze situations, understand multiple perspectives, and develop their critical thinking skills.
Enhanced empathy and emotional intelligence: Watching movies and stories that deal with ethical issues can help children develop empathy and emotional intelligence by exposing them to different emotions, experiences, and perspectives.
Cultivation of values and ethics: Moral stories and movies on ethics can help children develop a strong sense of values and ethics by presenting them with positive role models and demonstrating the importance of integrity, respect, and kindness.
At MaatiPS, our movie theatre is a place where children can enjoy and learn from stories and movies that reflect rich Indian culture and traditions. Our theatre is equipped with the latest technology and comfortable seating arrangements. We have a dedicated staff that selects movies that are not only entertaining but also have a message to convey.
Join us at the MaatiPS Movie Theatre and let your child explore the wonderful world of ethical stories and movies. We believe that these stories and movies can inspire and shape the minds of our children for the better!

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