Maati School's Annual Event Calendar: Celebrating Diversity and Learning through Fun Activities

Maati School celebrates a variety of events throughout the year, providing students with fun and engaging activities that complement their regular academic curriculum. These events take place during regular school hours and encourage students to participate in various competitions and activities.
For instance, on Kindergarten Day, students participate in fun activities such as the Spoon Race and Freeze Dance. On Earth Day, students express their love for nature by drawing imaginative pictures related to the environment. Tell A Story Day includes a puppet show with a moral, which develops the student's interest in storytelling.
During the Welcome Back to School event, students are welcomed with flowers and a dance party. The Guru Purnima Celebration honours the student's mother, the first teacher of the child, by preparing them to deliver speeches about their mothers.
On Mango Day, students are encouraged to wear yellow dresses and carry yellow objects. They are also taught about the significance of mangoes and are asked to memorize lines related to this fruit. Friendship Day is celebrated with the exchange of friendship bands and cards.
Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with students tying rakhis on each other and a competition for the best rakhi. Similarly, on Independence Day, students come dressed in freedom fighter outfits, and the best-dressed student is awarded.
Janmashtami is celebrated with a Dahi Handi competition and a Radha-Krishna outfit competition. During Ganesh Chaturthi, students perform a Ganesh Vandana and sthapna.
Teacher's Day is celebrated by greeting teachers with flowers and a memory game competition. Durga Ashtami is celebrated with a Garba dance, where students dress in traditional garba outfits. Diwali is celebrated with a diya decoration competition, and the best diya is awarded.
On Children's Day, Bal Sabha is organized, where students tell stories, poems, and speeches. Similarly, on Christmas Day, students visit the Ashish Bhavan Church, and on Mahashivratri, they visit the Kileshwar Mahadev Mandir.
Other celebrations include New Year's Day dance competition, Makar Sankranti's Teel-Gud Ladoo distribution, and Vasant Panchami's Saraswati Puja and Mantra & Shlok competition. Republic Day is celebrated with flag hoisting and slogan competition. International Women's Day is celebrated by playing the role of famous women, and Holi is celebrated with handprint activities and eco-friendly flowers Holi.
Overall, Maati School's events provide a unique and enriching experience for their students and contribute to their overall development.

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