Maati Preschool's Holistic Development Report: Monitoring Your Child's Progress in Physical, Sensory, Linguistic, Cognitive, Communicative, and Emotional Domains

At Maati Preschool, we understand the importance of a child's overall development. That's why we have designed a development report that is generated by collecting data from our teachers every 15 days. This report covers various points that aid in a child's physical, sensory, language, cognitive, communication, and emotional development.
Physical Development:
Physical development includes gross motor skills, fine motor skills, gross manipulative skills, and fine manipulative skills. Gross motor skills involve the use of larger muscle groups to perform activities such as running, jumping, and throwing. Fine motor skills involve the use of smaller muscles, such as those in the fingers and hands, to perform tasks such as writing and drawing. Gross manipulative skills involve the use of larger muscles and coordination to manipulate objects, while fine manipulative skills require precise hand and finger movements to manipulate objects.
Sensory Development:
Sensory development involves the ability to perceive and process sensory information. The development report covers various senses, including tactile sense, thermic sense, baric sense, kinesthetic sense, gustatory sense, visual sense, acoustic sense, and olfactory sense. These senses help children understand and interact with the world around them.
Language Skills:
Language skills are essential for communication and expression. The development report covers various language skills such as receptive speech, expressive speech, articulation, and the ability to listen to stories and poems with interest. It also includes the ability to create stories with imagination, use correct pencil grasp (nursery), demonstrate left-to-right progression, grasp and use vocabulary, and retell a story in the proper sequence.
Cognitive Development:
Cognitive development refers to the ability to think, reason, and solve problems. The development report covers various cognitive skills such as pincer grip (pre-nursery), echolalia, recognizing the studied script, reasoning, knowing, understanding, and using short simple sentences/telegraphic script.
Communication Skills:
Communication skills are essential for expressing needs and ideas effectively. The development report covers various communication skills such as expressing needs and asking questions, responding correctly when asked to, identifying familiar persons/objects, repeating simple actions, jingles, and rhymes, listening to teachers and other children, and using Makaton.
Emotional Development:
Emotional development refers to the ability to understand and manage emotions. The development report covers various emotional skills such as recognizing and expressing emotions freely, being affectionate towards others, being emotionally independent, exhibiting self-control, working independently, completing assigned tasks, and assuming responsibilities.
At Maati Preschool, our development report helps us understand each child's strengths and areas for improvement. This report enables us to create personalized learning plans for each child, which helps them achieve their full potential. We believe that a child's development is a continuous process, and we strive to support them every step of the way.

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