Encouraging Good Behaviour Through Positive Reinforcement: Maati School's 0% Corporal Punishment Policy

At Maati School, we firmly believe that positive reinforcement is the best way to encourage good behaviour in children. That's why we have a strict 0% corporal punishment policy. We do not believe in using physical discipline as a means of correcting behaviour. Instead, we have developed a system of positive reinforcement that encourages children to behave well and rewards them when they do.
We use a variety of techniques to encourage good behaviour, including small gifts, stickers, and smiley badges. When a child displays positive behaviour, they are rewarded with one of these tokens of appreciation. This helps to reinforce positive behaviour and encourages children to continue behaving well.
Our teachers and staff are trained to use positive reinforcement techniques and are committed to maintaining a safe and positive learning environment for our students. We believe that this approach to discipline is not only more effective but also promotes a sense of respect and trust between our teachers and students.
At Maati School, we are proud to have a 0% corporal punishment policy and a strict 0-tolerance policy for any form of physical discipline. Our focus is on nurturing and encouraging our students to become responsible and caring individuals, and we believe that positive reinforcement is the key to achieving this goal.

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